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How will it benefit my church?

  • You'll have more money to help your community, fund more missions, and do more good: Our typical audit saves our customers more than 20% every year on their energy use, and we've seen savings as high as 59%. Think about how much more good you can do if you could cut your energy bills by 20% or more.
  • Help deal with reduced tithing: your congregation is hurting. Many are out of work or have reduced incomes. Inflation is taking further toll on their finances. As a result, they have less to put in the offering plate.
  • Improve your church's image: Environmental issues are becoming a major concern for many in your congregation. Reducing your energy consumption will help "green" your image.
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Improve the comfort and lighting levels at your church: saving money is good, but saving money while improving your congregation's experience is even better.
  • Lower maintenance costs: we look at your maintenance practices to save money. As a side benefit our customers also see reduced maintenance costs.
  • Longer equipment life: our customer find their equipment last longer by improving your maintenance practices and optimizing the operation of your equipement.

What do I win?

We are giving away a comprehensive energy audit. This is weeks of work on our part and is valued at thousands of dollars. Note: the actual value varies depending on the size and age of the church.

  • We gather required documents, evaluate your utility bills, identify trends in energy use and billing irregularities, and check your utility rates.
  • In depth analysis of :
    • building layout, and construction
    • heating and cooling systems
    • electrical system
    • lighting systems
    • kitchen and cooling equipment
    • maintenance practices
    • miscellaneous information needed (to be determined)
  • All necessary calculation and analysis to find areas of energy savings.
  • When appropriate, we perform computer simulations of your church's energy use, evaluating our recommendations against the baseline (your current operating conditions).
  • Comprehensive report to include:
    • Executive summary
    • Specific recommendations with estimated energy savings, prioritized by pay back and ease of implementation.
    • All rebates available
    • Supporting documentation

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The winner will be announced on June 15th.

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Look at how much money we saved these companies....

A 20 year old 36,000 ft2 facility with three buildings in Houston, TX saved 59%.

A 25 year old 4950 ft2 facility in Dallas, TX saved 51%

A 20 year old facility on 10 acres in Avalon, TX saved 36%

A 25 year old 100,000 ft2 facility in Fernley, NV saved 13%.

Note: prior to our audit, this company had already made improvements to reduce their utility costs.